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Namibia Airports Company

The Namibia Airports Company (NAC) is a state owned enterprise established in line with the Namibian Airports Company Act, Act 25 of 1998, which functions autonomously under a Board of Directors, appointed by the Minister of Works and Transport in his capacity as the portfolio Minister. The company, which commenced operations in February 1999 with the vision to be a world-class service provider in airport...

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See or hear anything suspicious at the airport ,please report it at 

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The Namibia Airports Company is dedicated to attain its vision of being a world-class leader in airport operations and management, guided by its mission of developing and managing airports on sound business principles with due considerations to the interest of our stakeholders.

To ensure that your visit to Namibia is memorable, the NAC advises that you acquaint yourself with the following important information:

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What are the NAC’s Key responsibilities?
The NAC is responsible for the following services: Provision and maintenance of the terminal buildings, check-in counters, Flight Information Display Boards (FIDS), baggage conveyor belts and sorting system, airfield navigational and visual aids equipment, public car parking and baggage trolleys.
How does the NAC make money?
The NAC’s revenue streams are two (2) basic sources. These are the Aeronautical Revenue and Non-Aeronautical Revenue.
Aeronautical revenues refer to the airside and aircraft related revenue which is derived by: Landing and Parking fees, passenger fees, aircraft parking or hangarage and ground handling fees.


NAC Tariff Publication 2016/2017 Amendment of  Airport/Aerodrome Charges








The Namibia Airports Company (NAC) is dedicated to providing travellers with the best possible experience at our eight airports; therefore we strive to comply with all local, regional and international standards and provisions for airports safety and security.

Prohibited Items

Upon entering an airport area, the Namibia Airports Company advises against the carrying of dangerous goods such as articles or substances which poses a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air.

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Fun facts In 2003, a Boeing 727 was stolen from an Angolan airport. It took off without clearance and flew out over the Antlatic with its lights and transponder switched off and was never seen again
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